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Welcome to the Volvo Car Global Customer Service (GCS), Packaging Web Portal

Important information for suppliers to GCS

Dear GCS supplier of spare parts and accesseries. Shipments to GCS should be carried out in accordance to the Packaging Instructions at this website and to the "Supplementary Requirements for Service and Component parts“.

A PPGTC webguide that can be received from the Volvo Supplier Portal.

Some of the documents this webguide refers to as "Instruction Country of Origin" and "Volvo Product Marking Std 5051;159" can be downloaded via "Document Download" at this website. Other documents of importance may also be found at that page.

You also find users manual by clicking below link, appropiate for your status (Volvo internal/external user)
As you may have questions please do not hesitate to contact the GCS Packaging Engineering Dept. 57334


Questions mail to: